Life is too short...

Don’t wait! Capture the most unique moments of your life…

What I Do

Photos that I take are a way of expressing myself, describing the reality that surrounds me.
I put my heart and soul in each one of them, they are part of me.
Implementing any project, I implement my dreams… what possibly could be better, than doing what you love, and get paid for that...


Who I Am

Hi, my name’s Marcin, and I’m addictive photographer. Camera has been my constant companion during my journeys and everyday life… and I never hesitate to use it.


My Work

Feel free to take a look at some example of my works. I hope you’d get as much joy watching them as I did when they were taken.
There’s always a chance that they won’t think they’re as appealing as I do, in this case please drop me an e-mail with the words of constructive criticism, I will try not to spill the tears of bitterness reading it.

However, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts about my work, because the worst case it to be indifferent.

Say Hello.

While you’re here, make sure to get in touch with me
I live in Warsaw, but when it comes to photo sessions, there are no boundaries on the map!